We want your thoughts and ideas on how Richmond can Reimagine Monument Avenue.

“Really what it comes down to is slowing down because you can’t make anything monumental unless you see the details. Sometimes if you slow down and you pay attention to details, you’re able to honor those details, you’re able to see a certain poetry in those details, you’re able to see those people that are considered peripheral to your society, those voices that you once considered to be incidental to the grand narrative, and you’re able to say, this is monumental. Even in its smallness, there’s something there. Ladies and gentlemen, there’s something there.”

Kehinde Wiley, Artist

We want to hear your voice. We want you to be a part of something monumental.

Please send your thoughts to thoughts@reimaginingmonumentavenue.org

Our Mission

Reimagining Monument Avenue is a broad coalition of individuals and organizations committed to an open process of discovery. We seek to be inclusive of all viewpoints as we provide informed guidance and inspiring solutions for the future of this historic place.